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MIPCOM 2021 Meeting Request New Drama Series
11.10.2021 18:55

Dear Sir/Madam,

AFL Productions, LLC, San Francisco and Meriot, Moscow are happy to share our MIPCOM line up with you.
Please, find below an information about few of our drama series which are in-developments, production or ready-made:



4 x 45 min | Ready-made
4 x 45 min | In-Development
Drama Fiction / Action / Crime
Release: Autumn 2022

AFL Productions and Meriot are reportedly waited over 7 years to get their second part of period-adventure-crime drama into development. First part which consists of four episodes was filmed in 2014. Based on the trilogy of books "A Diamond in the Crown of Thieves" by E. Sukhov, CURSE OF THE DIAMONDS is filled with intrigue, action, sex and betrayal against an international backdrop of late 20th century cold-war history. CURSE OF THE DIAMONDS tells an exciting, high-stakes story of greed, priceless gems, love, and death set amongst ever-shifting personal and global alliances.


10 x 52 min | In-Development
Action / Crime / Sci-Fi
Production year 2022

"Untimely Tresspass", a 10-part series that takes place in the present and 100 years ago. A century-old mysterious connection helps to solve crimes and links the fate of three main characters with unexpected consequences. Series is in development and currently aiming for production in 2022.

Lucy, a young gifted medical examiner is intrigued and stressed out by her bizarre boss Alex, a daredevil detective who develops sixth sense when he's resuscitated after his recent accident. His newly discovered abilities let him reopen a few old unsolved criminal cases and Lucy is tasked to assist him. While on a crime scene, Alex pulls up an old box with a broken apparatus inside. A curious and able techie, Alex manages to fix the broken cryptic machine. Once powered on, it establishes a fickle time bridge to its creator from a hundred years ago - Rodion. Fascinated by the surreal connection, the two develop a fast friendship that gets complicated once Lucy discovers the machine. Secrets and timelines intersect in an unusual love triangle.



10 x 52 min | In-Development
Action / Crime / Drama
Production year 2022

Private eye Jason Lang lives in the vortex of alcohol and women, until his sister Jennifer, a remarkably gifted psychologist and numerologist, jumps in the middle of his risky investigations in attempts to set his life straight.

If you are interested to discuss your participation in co-production and/or acquisition of our drama series, please, feel free to schedule an on-line meeting with us during MIPCOM between October 11th and October 14th, 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,
Tatyana Ivkina
Development and Distribution Manager,
AFL Productions, LLC/Meriot
Mob: +7 916 0750015

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